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Baby Sleeping

Sleep Support

Infant and Child Sleep Consultation

Difficulties with sleep are a common reason families reach out for help.

Every client I see with a baby or child has questions about sleep.

I offer holistic sleep support for parents/caregivers of young babies and children up to school age. We will complete a thorough assessment of your childs current sleep habits and routines. I will assess their their health and development and how their current biological and development needs may be impacting their sleep.

We will work together from a family centered approach to figure out the best way to help improve the quality and quantity of sleep for everyone in your family.

I do not use or recommend any "cry it out" "extinction" or "parental withdrawal" methods. All recommendations will ensure the mental health needs of your child and yourself are met.


Sleep Consultation Fee: $120 for first 75min ($80/hr thereafter) Clinic or Phone appointment. (Include two weeks of email communication for ongoing support)


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