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Lactation/Infant feeding Consultant

I am a qualified and experienced Lactation and Baby Feeding Consultant. I can support you with however you want and need to feed your baby. 
Breastfeeding is the biologically normal way to feed a baby. This does not mean it comes naturally or easily!
I offer gentle, caring and qualified breastfeeding and infant feeding support. I can help you with:
  • Latching/Positioning Baby.
  • Surrogacy/Adoptive breast/chest feeding.
  • Milk Supply (too little, too much).
  • Painful breasts and nipples/damage and infection.
  • Tongue Tie assessment and referral
  • Weight gain issues
  • Returning to work/Expressing
  • Moving on from breastfeeding and much more.

We will work together to come up with a feeding plan that fits your family's needs and always within what you can cope with.

Clinic appointments are $80-100/hr and are held in my home clinic in Pinehaven.

Homevisits are $120 for first hour +mileage and travel time , then $80/hr.

I also offer Online/ZOOM consults ($80 for first 0-60min then $15/15min thereafter)


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